8. 9. 2020

Webinar Recording | Accelerated Data Governance for Accurate Insights

Learn how to guarantee accurate, accelerated insights will a bottom-up Governance approach. Download our webinar to learn more.

Modern analytics is driving today’s digital enterprise with relevant and powerful insights. However, the derived business intelligence is only as powerful as the data that fuels it and its quality. Without a robust Data Quality framework, analytics will produce incorrect and inconsistent results, requiring heavy processing time to correct, and recover the investment.

Join Aroa as we explore our iterative process for ensuring consistent, high quality data throughout your organization, driven by your prioritized analytics projects. By the end of our session, you will better understand:

- The importance of Data Governance

- Common data quality issues and methods for resolution

- How to accelerate the traditional Data Governance approach based on high-value AI/ML usecases

Accelerated Data Governance For Accurate Insights