Data Governance

High performing Machine Learning models and Business Intelligence depend on readily available data that is accurate, consistent, and complete. Without appropriate Data Governance steering the quality of your data, the value and speed of your analytics will succumb to multiple versions of the truth, long processing times, and overall lack of trust. Aroa implements robust Data Governance frameworks that provide faster time to market with a single version of truth, across the organization. We work with your teams to prioritize datasets that drive immediate value and broaden your Data Governance procedures to develop robust data assets. We have deep expertise implementing Governance solutions across industries and using third-party platforms, ensuring that we will deliver a solution tailored for your business.

Aroa Data Quality Clean Up

Enhance the quality of your targeted datasets to ensure accurate and timely insights.

Aroa will develop a 'single version of truth' for your enterprise data, ensuring information is consistent, shared, and trusted across your organization.

Master Data Management

Aroa will establish a robust Metadata Management framework to enable you to locate, track, understand, and utilize data effectively.

Metadata Management

Aroa will implement and scale a robust data quality framework, guaranteeing accurate data for your organization to extract insights from.

Data Quality

Aroa will categorize and classify your information to supply reference data mappings that provide context and data lineage across your organization.

Reference Data Management



Aroa’s governance services offer:


  1. Complete, consistent, high quality, highly available and timely data
  2. Greater agility and response time
  3. Faster time to market for Machine Learning models and insights 
  4. The ability to measure and visualize Data Quality over time
  5. Automation and the reduction of manual processes



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