Data Estate Modernization

Aroa offers your organization the skill and experience to modernize your data estate on AWS. Whether you are looking to migrate, re-host, re-architect or re-factor, we will deliver a fast, cost-effective and scalable platform allowing for value creation from all your data. Based on your unique set of needs and data prioritizations, we will help you assess, roadmap, and execute your project, offering enhanced features such as:

Migrate Your Data To An AWS Serverless Data Lake in Less Than 4 Weeks

Forget the constraints of your database and migrate your data to a best of breed database at AWS in less than 4 weeks

Garner robust insights from your data.

AI & Analytics

Ensure resiliency of your data estate.

Managed Services

Create clean, robust, complete datasets.

Data Governance



Modernize Your Data Estate


With data becoming an increasingly central function to your organization’s health and resiliency, you require a solution that provides the ability to scale, transform, and enhance your data.




Where legacy systems and other Cloud platforms may hinder organizations with limited flexibility and high cost of storage, AWS provides:
• Infinite scale with low cost so you can focus on value and solving new problems
• Well-established best practices, including architecture and tools enabling massive data volumes in a short timeframe
• Reduced dependency on IT Groups by leveraging robust self-service capabilities
• Serverless services that ease infrastructure management, including provisioning, monitoring, scaling, availability, etc., allowing you to quickly move to the next use case
• High-grade security to protect your data assets



We build data solutions that help your organization accelerate value on AWS.

Contact our experts to learn about how we can help.