AI & Analytics

From extracting valuable insights with ML to automating repetitive tasks with RPA, Aroa will provide you the AI & Analytics services you need to ensure business impact.

In order to facilitate our speed to execution, we carefully select the best tools for each application. Aroa supports AWS’ AI for the masses approach, which makes AI more accessible to organizations. We can help you to leverage AWS’ pre-built, ready-to-use tools that address several use cases, utilizing your organization's existing SQL skills. Some business objectives will require a more tailored approach. That’s where our highly qualified AI & Analytics team is ready to provide you with rigorous and robust solutions, ensuring each of your needs are met.

Aroa Machine Learning Prototype

Deploy a machine learning prototype for a specific business use case which includes a roadmap for implementation.

We will help you to set up and deploy AWS’ wide array of pre-built tools such as Amazon Athena and Amazon Kendra, which address specific tasks.

Tool Set-up

Leveraging SageMaker, our AI & Analytics team designs customized models that provide solutions to your unique business challenges.

Custom Modelling

Using Docker on AWS, we can deploy and scale applications in any environment, enabling accelerated, low-cost application deployment.

Model Deployment

We will track the performance of your AWS instances and tools as well as your custom models, ensuring the desired results are achieved.

Monitoring and Optimization

Our data engineers can support the design and development of rigorous pipelines to consolidate data from many disparate sources.

Data Engineering and Governance

We build data solutions that help your organization accelerate value on AWS.

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