Aroa is a proud member of the Adastra Group and a leading partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our bright-minded experts tailor solutions by leveraging AWS to fit the ever-evolving needs of your business.

Specializing in end-to-end data services, we offer data-specific solutions from Acquisition to Analytics, MDM and Managed Services, ensuring our expertise is with you during each critical step of your data journey. AWS offers a wide range of solutions for various business and technology obstacles.

Your Digital Transformation deserves a custom crafted solution that addresses your organization’s unique needs. Our team of industry experts want to hear more about your organization’s challenges, so we can help you overcome any hurdle and achieve your business goals. We’ll apply the right Services approach to help you achieve your mandate.


We knew we wanted to draw a direct line to Amazon. We have such a focus on AWS solution that we want to have that relationship present in our name. It’s important to have a name that tells a story. It’s this idea of a story that led us to Aroa.

A name is more than a title. It’s a story. A compelling narrative that draws connections. The best stories are the ones that are told. And it’s this thread of telling a story and connecting both the Adastra heritage and AWS future that brought us to the search for a language that was spoken in the Amazon Rainforest. There was one that stood out in particular: Aroa. The once native language of a small tribe of Marajo Island, in northern Brazil. Aroa of Amazon. It was perfect.