Aroa is a Select AWS Partner that specializes in delivering fast analytics on the Cloud. We offer a suite of services around Data Estate Modernization, AI & Analytics, Governance and Managed Services. Through best-in-class methodologies, we will help your organization quickly bolster your growth through business impact.

Aroa is exclusively dedicated to providing advanced data services on the AWS platform as a select partner.

AWS Focus

Aroa has technical expertise and experience implementing solutions with AWS’s full suite of Cloud-based services.

Full Suite Solutions

Through our 20+ year history, Aroa has a set of best practices and accelerators to deliver enhanced Data & Analytics value on the Cloud.

Built-in Accelerators

Aroa ensures you can easily extract accurate insights from your data by focusing on the accuracy and care of your data.

Data Quality Specialty



As a proud member of the Adastra Group, our roots are founded in data management and analytics. Since 2000, we have been providing our clients with a variety of services based on industry best practices and customer-centric methodologies.

We understand that the business and technology landscape is evolving rapidly. Over the years, we have developed our services to ensure fast solution delivery, supporting your organization today with the eye to tomorrow as your business scales.



Why AWS?

As the most widely adopted cloud platform, AWS enables organizations to become more agile, to lower operational costs, and to innovate more quickly. We aim provide our clients with rapid data ingestion and analysis, leveraging AWS’ abundance of tools and features. With our tailor-made solutions and AWS’ promise to continuously innovate, we will ensure you always stay ahead.