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Similar to the global responsibility of sustaining and cultivating the world’s ecosystems, Aroa is committed to nurturing your data. We create robust solutions on AWS Cloud ecosystems to empower your business growth.


Discover what you’ve been missing from your data and leverage insights to boost your business potential. Aroa experts will listen, learn, and understand your data challenges to create tailored solutions for every need.

Data Science

Your business is unaware of what it doesn’t know. Therefore, you may not be leveraging your data’s full potential.

Applying powerful Data Science algorithms and methodologies to your business data can uncover informative insights that were previously undiscovered.

With AI, ML, and RPA technologies, your company can extract exceptional value from your data, allowing you to solve data challenges faster and arrive at quick decisions that will result in a meaningful impact on your customers.

Artificial Intelligence

Organizations are catalyzing and enhancing their Cloud capabilities with Artificial Intelligence.
By fusing technology and cognitive perception, they can use precision and creativity to implement innovative ideas into their business strategies.

Machine Learning

As your enterprise grows, so does its requirements for powerful solutions to handle its vast data.

Machine Learning will evolve and adapt through algorithms and learning to enable your business to complete jobs with accuracy, which are often delayed or prevented due to risk of human error.

By leveraging Aroa’s Data Science team and AWS Machine Learning services, such as Amazon SageMaker, you’ll simplify and manage the ability to build, train, and deploy your ML models with ease.


Also known as Robotic Process Automation, RPA automates business processes by communicating with various digital systems to manipulate and interpret data.

Like Machine Learning, RPA reduces human error and increases productivity to complete redundant tasks.

Your organization’s employees can concentrate efforts on more imperative tasks, alleviating them of less pertinent responsibilities.

Data Engineering

Organizations utilize Data Engineering to answer vital questions and derive insights by analyzing and validating data.

The most successful organizations start small and grow fast with their data increasing each day. Through Data Engineering, data can be ingested and transformed for optimal insights and quality analytic datasets. Enterprises utilize Data Engineering to answer vital questions and derive insights by analyzing and validating data.

Aroa solutions are scalable and will fit your needs today, tomorrow and any time in the future. No need for up-front investments, you pay as you go. AWS Glue, Amazon EMR, and AWS Lambda will transform your data into more meaningful and valuable datasets.

With the right tools and services, our Aroa team of experts will provide you with processes that extract the most out of your data to set you on a journey to successful insights. AWS Glue, Amazon EMR, and AWS Lambda will transform your data into more meaningful and valuable datasets.

Data Governance

Enterprises understand the importance of governing their acquired data to ensure its integrity and authenticity. Without a solid Data Governance process data can be left unprotected and unmanaged resulting in data that is unusable.

For an enterprise to execute successful business projects, a strong Data Governance framework will outline requirements and appoint responsibilities to key drivers. Governance assists in the process of imperative decision-making by establishing procedures that manage and control the collection of online data.

Metadata Management

Enterprises leverage Metadata Management to establish properties for other data. Metadata Management solutions can provide crucial information on businesses data assets and what those assets mean for an organization.

Master Data Management (MDM)

For an organization to receive the best from their data, they need a solid Master Data Management strategy. MDM provides accurate and consistent information across your business, enabling you to trust your data.

Reference Data Management

Centrally managing complex reference data mappings and hierarchies enables a more efficient ecosystem. Having a robust RDM solution to lean on and ensuring referential integrity remains intact through the data journey is a tremendous asset to an organization.

Data Lineage

Enterprises best utilize their data by understanding where it comes from and the characteristics that define it. Data Lineage records, changes, and adapts data during its evolution, enabling consistency throughout its lifecycle.


Companies that are agile and innovative are built upon Digital ecosystems. They excel at transforming the ordinary into exceptional with robust and intuitive technology that boosts the average of our every day.

You’ll enable your business to transform the way it works by addressing gaps in both skills and processes, in a more manageable way enabling you to the get the most value out of your data. Our team of experts will provide your company with all of the necessary tools and resources to assist you with AWS Cloud adoption and get you started on your journey towards a Digital Transformation.


For organizations to leverage the right interfaces for data consumption and access control they need a solid Architecture.

Serving as effective blueprints for businesses data projects, Architectures define the platforms, frameworks, and deliveries through conceptual, logical, and physical processes.

At Aroa, our experts will leverage AWS and non-AWS services to establish a sustainable Architecture for your Cloud platform. Through fool-proof strategies we’ll ensure your data projects are led and managed with efficiency to meet the evolving needs of your business.

Big Data

Businesses are acquiring large volumes of data at a constant rate of acceleration with increasing velocity to understand their customers, markets, and trends.

As data ecosystems grow, companies are faced with the challenges of securely maintaining their Big Data in a central location that can be accessed at their fingertips.

Utilizing AWS Cloud services, our team of experts will help process these large volumes of data using any of the popular Big Data frameworks such as: Apache Spark, Hadoop, HBase, Presto, Hive and others, allowing you to focus on the business insights.

Data Migration

With the growth of data increasing exponentially, fast and easy provisioning of resources coupled with high availability and reliability has become a must for every organization.

Moving your various On-Premise and other Cloud data solutions to the AWS Cloud will help take care of all of those growing business needs allowing you to focus on extracting the most value out of your data.

On-premise Migration

As your organization grows and along with it the amount of data you consume daily, you’ll have spent more time on provisioning resources to accommodate the consumption and processing of that data rather than focusing on answering critical business questions.

With AWS Cloud, you can migrate your servers (AWS Server Migration Service), databases (AWS Database Migration Service), schemas (AWS Schema Conversion Tool), or just your data, using a variety of AWS Data Migration Services in as little as hours.

Cloud Migration

Coupled with a well-defined Data Governance process, ensuring your data is highly available and reliable is a growing requirement among organizations.

With AWS Auto Scaling your resources will be able to scale easily and efficiently giving you the most optimal and readily available results.
Data Replication across different data centers or regions will also be sure to eliminate that single point of failure giving you access to your data at any given point in time regardless of any failures that could potentially occur.

What's New

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Adastra Group bolsters digital leadership with Aroa

TORONTO, 21. 5. 2019

Adastra Group today extended its global digital direction in Data Management and Analytics with the introduction of a new company, “Aroa”, focused exclusively on cloud solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This latest addition to Adastra Group’s suite of Information Management offerings harnesses its excellence in cloud ecosystems and top-tier talent to deliver robust solutions that empower business growth.

In the knowledge economy era where all business is digital and global, Aroa takes a cloud-first approach to help companies sustain and cultivate success beyond borders. Building on the strength of its trusted relationship with AWS, Aroa meets ever-evolving business needs through tailored cloud solutions that enable clients’ data insights to take flight.

Aroa offers end-to-end data services, from Acquisition to Analytics, Master Data Management (MDM) and Managing Services. It draws on Adastra Group’s global expertise to ensure clients unlock valuable insights that increase profitability in each step of their data journey.

Aroa’s client roster includes AstraZeneca Canada, one of the country’s leading biopharmaceutical companies, and a long-time client of Adastra Group. Working with a company the size and scale of AstraZeneca is a testament to Aroa’s skill in crafting highly-effective Cloud solutions for complex, high-technology organizations.

“The creation of Aroa as a new member of Adastra Group is a recognition of our leadership and dedication to cloud as the future of digital infrastructure,” said Sam Dwyer, Managing Director for Aroa. “For years, we have successfully cultivated a mutually-beneficial relationship with AWS. The company is an extension of our continued success with AWS and a new way to support our customers and their digital transformations.”

Aroa is based out of Toronto, the core of Canada’s booming tech ecosystem, enabling it to service the country's multitude of scaling and established companies and act as a direct channel to foster close relationships and grow its U.S. client base.

The company will be led by Sam Dwyer, long-time Information Management expert and former Director of Digital & Emerging for Adastra. Previously, Sam was a Senior Manager at CIBC, where he led teams of experts in BI Reporting Applications, and Data Warehousing Application design.


Aroa is a proud member of the Adastra Group and has been working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for an extensive period of time. Its bright-minded experts tailor solutions by leveraging AWS to fit clients’ ever-evolving business needs. Specializing in end-to-end data services, it offers data-specific solutions from Acquisition to Analytics, MDM and Managed Services, supporting clients along each step of their data journey. Aroa delivers custom solutions that address organizations’ unique needs and obstacles during their Digital Transformation.


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